About us

        Probably each of us had dreamed as a child about a dog. About a friend, which will be kind, sympathetic and never betray, who will love, regardless of the weather and season. About a creature, which will be near you, regardless of the mood and political views; which always will help, support and reassure. About someone, whose eyes are always filled with warmth, love and devotion, who will poke his nose into your hand, even if you just had a row with him. As a child, so desirable and elusively distant dog seems a kind of “perfect distance.” They say that kids love to exaggerate and make up their minds, that dream became brighter. Not at all. I am not a child, but I found it – that child’s happiness and the sinking of the heart at the sight of a dog. I have met a dream in its purest form. And its name – Labrador.

        The start was pretty simple, and perhaps banal. When I was a kid, we had a foundling (Spaniel) in our house. After his death, my parents presented me an American Cocker – Tosha on New Year’s Eve.

        In American films in such cases, they say, “He showed me the world”. In my case, this phrase is not enough! With Tosha I went to young handlers school, with Tosha I learned what “show” is and I was infected with all these; with Tosha I met a lot of interesting and very nice dog lovers, with Tosha I met people with whom we speak the same language, with Tosha I fell in love with Labrador …

        When Tosha was 5 years old, little feet of a puppy Labrador have crossed the threshold of our house. Maybe someone from above really liked us – I do not know, but what I brought to the apartment on March 4, 2007 has changed my life.

        Wizard – is a dream dog. This dog has united all that one can only wish. He has everything – love and devotion, tenderness and carefree, calmness and craziness, universal kindness, reliability, intelligence and courage. It is easy and relaxing with him. He loves people insanely, and easily make people to fall in love with him. He’s a friend …

        My Magic Dog …

        Some time passed, Wizard had the first babies … Leaving under my name a girl from his second litter, I realized that I wanted at least by some part of my life to catch life of Labrador. I want to give life, which will be called Labradorian. I want to bring that joy to people which he once gave me. So our nursery – Awidos – was founded. The first page of a new life has been opened. I hope this life will be long and successful …

         They say that happiness is very vague and abstract concept. For me, everything is clear. Happiness is a pet dog beside me.

Many thanks and a bow for their support, patience and care, for faith and for having been there!
Natalya Petrovna Derkach – my mom
Nezdolya Nina Evgenievna – my teacher of the world of cynology.
Obapolenko Irina Arnoldovna, Shtepa Ekaterina – the owners of the Wizard’s parents.
Friends and family
Thank you all!